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Pin Cushion, Sewing, DIY

As I was cleaning my sewing room last week, I ran across this blue fabric with elegant pink birds on it…Before I knew it, I was cutting strips, combining fabrics and agonizing over color choices…

Pin cushion, DIY, Sewing, Crafts

Generally avoiding the task at hand:  cleaning my sewing room…Fortunately, my sewing room was organized just enough to find these ground black walnut shells– purchased at Rose Mille several weeks ago.  I used them to add heft to the cushion and sharpen the pins.

Pin cushion, DIY, Sewing, Crafts

Once  finished with that little diversion, I went back to cleaning the sewing room…

Pin cushion, DIY, Sewing, Crafts

Until I found the can of pins…


As you might have guessed,  cleaning the sewing room is just NOT a priority!

However, readers of The Inbox Jaunt are a priority…If anyone is interested, I can write a tutorial on making pin cushions—just say the word!

36 thoughts on “Enter Pin Here

  1. Smiling!! I have the same thing happen when I start that sewing room clean up…if we did that more often look what fun things we could whip up Lori! Sweet pin cusion.

  2. Yes, I would love to see the tutorial- and to hear about the filler you used- I never heard of using that product before.

      • I purchased the filler at a shabby chic boutique, but one of the readers of the Inbox Jaunt said she buys them at Petco. I will check that out and let you know. Also, how many do we need for shower gifts? We better get on it FAST!

  3. So cute and detailed. I took a seminal quilting course one winter. You sew a bunch of strips together and the cut in differing directions and sew back together. I never thought about it but they would make interesting little pin cushions

    • Depending on the distractions, it may take a month–in which case it will be a mess again and you can start all over! In the meantime, I hope you get a few fun pin cushions out of the deal!

  4. Wow! Love your little pin cushion. It is a great way to use up odd pieces of fabric. We have so much in common. Cleaning the sewing room for me is like pulling teeth. It’s also amazing that as a way to stashbust–I’ve started Hawaiian quilting little squares that will be turned into pin cushions. I, too, will be using ground walnut shells as the stuffing. I have just recently found out about them.

    • Can’t wait to see your Hawaiian quilted pin cushions–they’d make great gifts! I love Hawaiian quilting and will be featuring a lot of it this month. So great to hear from you!

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  8. I’m so glad distraction in cleaning a sewing space is a common trait – I thought I was ADHD at 63 years old!! I would also love to see a tutorial on the pincushion and how you use the ground walnut shells.

  9. So mine aren’t black Walnut shells but I did get mine at pet mart and it’s used for lizard and reptile aquariums.
    Pumpkin pin cushion? ! Yes please!

  10. I love making pin cushions. I get my ground walnut shells at the pet stores. It is reptile bedding. I just moved from another house and all my stuff is in boxes. My new sewing room is not finished yet so I hate to unpack everything and then have to move it when the new room is done. I have been looking for something specific and had to open boxes until I found it. It’s been a pain.

  11. Yes! Pumpkin – pin cushion tute – YES PLEASE! I just bought a bag of ground walnut shells but I see yours are larger – I mean mine are “ground – like they almost look like powder.” I’m now wondering if I bought the wrong thing – yikes!

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