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Did you know that the quilt industry in the United States exceed $3.6 Billion!!!

That’s a lot of quilting…Who are these quilters?  Here are some interesting facts:

  • 14% of American households are home to one active quilter.
  • 6.2% of those household are home to a Dedicated Quilter (defined as a quilter who spends more than$600 per year on quilting)
  • Dedicated quilters tend to be:  Female,  62 years old,  well-educated (72% attended college),  affluent ($92,000 household income)
  • The average Dedicated Quilter spends $2500/ year on quilting supplies.
  • The average Dedicated Quilter buys nearly 100 yards of fabric/year and spends nearly $150 annually on thread.
  • The  Dedicated Quilter owns 2.7 sewing machines and 25% of  dedicated quilters own four or more sewing machines!
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Please check out our first giveaway:  Valentine Doodle Quilt.  It’s nearly done and it’s adorable…I’m going to have to make a second one for myself!

Small Amish Quilt-Orphan Block

Amish Quilt, Orphan block, Stencil

An Orphan Block is an affectionate name given to a block that is all alone in the world.  It might be an extra block leftover from a larger quilt.  It might be a practice block–a block made in order to learn a technique…Most quilters have a box full of orphan blocks–too pretty to throw away…I probably have two boxes full (I have been quilting longer)  If that wasn’t enough, I actually purchased the center block of this quilt!    (For the non-quilters out there–I purchased just the inner square–the green and blue pin wheel part of the quilt below.)  Sometimes I think I’m crazy, but it was at an auction and it was for a good cause…

Amish Quilt, Orphan block, Stencil

I then challenged myself to turn that center block into a quilt…

Amish Quilt, Orphan block, Stencil

By setting the center square “on point”  I was able to achieve a nice balance.

I used stencils for the feathered circles and the feathered corners.

Amish Quilt, Orphan block, Stencil

The most time-consuming part was picking the colors and the layout.  I used my digital camera to test several options–this is very helpful when laying out blocks.

Amish Quilt, Orphan block, Stencil

This one of my favorite little quilts…and I hope you enjoy it, too!  You might also like the Fall Vase Quilt and the Summer Flowers quilts.  Both are orphan block quilts.

Amish Quilt, Orphan block, Stencil

Amish Quilt, Orphan block, Stencil

So dig out those Little Orphan Annies and see what you can do!

Amish Quilt, Orphan block, Stencil

Don’t forget to leave a comment on The Valentine’s Day giveaway.

I am greatly enjoying all the suggestions for new posts and will answer ALL of the questions…

WIP-Valentine’s Day-and a GIVEAWAY!

Free Motion Quilt Heart

Dear Gentle Reader,

Did you realize that it is only a month until Valentine’s Day?  I have hearts doodling themselves in my head already!

I would like to thank all of you who have stopped by, followed, pinned on Pinterest, left comments…I am so glad we’ve crossed paths…

As a way of saying “thank you”  I’d like to offer a small doodle vase-quilt giveaway!

Free Motion Quilting-Heart

Anyone who leaves a comment below will be entered in a drawing…I would greatly appreciate if the comment included a question for me or any suggestions for further posts, tutorials, etc…

Free Motion Quilted Heart, Giveaway

I will accept all comments through Sunday and the winner will be announced on Tuesday—when the next Tuesday Tutorial is added…

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart

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