“A Thrilling Swashbuckler”

The Black Swan, Book Review, Rafael Sabatini, Mariner's Compass

There’s been very little quilting progress here lately.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions ( read more here) was to read more fiction.  I just finished The Hobbit,  which I liked, but didn’t love…and now I’ve returned to one of my favorite authors, Rafael Sabatini.  One reviewer described The Black Swan as “a thrilling swashbuckler“…what more could I want?  A clear, idealistic hero who rescues a witty damsel in distress…

If it’s anything like my other Sabatini favorites:  Captain Blood, Scaramouche, and The Sea-Hawk, there will be plenty of drama on the high-seas…pirates, buccaneers, intrigue…and while I enjoy all the action, what I am really drawn to is the witty prose.

I have a great deal planned for the next few weeks:  more giveaways, more tutorials, more about the Mariner’s Compass Block above… and a new look…so stay tuned…exciting things coming your way…

But for the moment…I’m lost in tropical trade winds off Barbados...

6 thoughts on ““A Thrilling Swashbuckler”

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  3. Thanks for the Sabatini suggestion. I’ve not heard of him but am now in the midst of Caption Blood and am thoroughly enjoying it. Also had the library find Scaramouche for me as well– the 90 year old copy that arrived still had the old library check-out card showing lending dates from the 1930s. What gems. Thank you.

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