Come on Baby…Let’s Do “The Twist”

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Border, The Twist

Today we’re going to turn on a little 50’s music (for Chubby Checkers click here)

and Do The Twist(FYI—I was NOT around in time to dance the Twist….)

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Border, The Twist

The Twist is one of my all-time favorite free motion quilt designs.  It just flows…like words from a snappy song…

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Border, The Twist

Start by drawing two “rails” to act as guidelines…For The Twist…begin stitching between the two lines-upward to the first rail.  Make a loop.  Then head slightly to the right and stitch the bottom loop…. Take a “hard right” as you travel to the beginning of the next Twist

Twist Green004

Try to keep the “loops” perpendicular to the “rails” and use the connecting stitches to do the traveling portion of the design…

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Border, The Twist

The Twist makes an absolutely gorgeous border…and it is a fast and easy filler stitch...

Free Motion Quilting, Tutorial, Border, The Twist

Just give this little tutorial a try, and I guarantee you will be singing the praises of your new skill!

For more tutorials, check out the Quilt tab above…

Let me know what you think, and if you would like any other tutorials related to All Things Quilting!

17 thoughts on “Come on Baby…Let’s Do “The Twist”

    • They are sewn on a standard sewing machine, but without any computer aid, etc. I control the fabric as it passes under the needle. The perimeter of this border is nearly 50 inches and it took me about 15 minutes (or less) to stitch.

  1. J’adore vos tutoriels! Ils m’aident beaucoup…

    I love your tuto..they help me realy!

    Bonne journée

    Sylvie-Anne du Québec

  2. Nice…I think I’ll try the twist on my little Christmas table topper. Yes, I will practice first…and not on my table…no dancing allowed on the furniture! 😉

  3. I noticed the corners are still clear. Do you have something special to show us for filling in corners or doing the twist around a corner? Looking forward to the next instalment.

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