Colorful Quilts-Stealing from the Experts

Quilt tip, color, hand dyed fabrics

I like to keep a file of colorful photos to use as a starting point for most of my quilts.  Color experts design magazine pages, so why not learn (or steal?) from them?!   As I am planning a new quilt, I go through this file.   Usually one of the photos will jump out…

Quilt tip, color, hand dyed fabrics

Then I go to my stash and see if I can pull fabrics to match the photo.

Quilt tip, color, hand dyed fabrics

It is important to add all  the colors in the photo-as sometimes it is the small accent color that makes all the difference in whether or not a quilt “pops”.  Also proportion is important here.  For example, there is only a small amount of the rose-flower color in the photo, so that might give you a clue to use only a small amount of rose pink in your quilt.

Choosing colors005

After I have found all the photos colors, I audition fabrics from my stash that might blend well.  I add transition fabrics and fabrics that are lighter and darker.

Quilt tip, color, hand dyed fabrics

This becomes the quilt stash.  Each block is made from these fabrics only.  As I progress making blocks, I constantly put them up on a design wall.  If my quilt is not “singing”, I refer back to the original photo.  I check to see if I have all colors and in similar proportions and that usually does the trick.

So start shredding your magazines, and start your own color file.  Give this little tip a try the next time you are making a block or a quilt!

9 thoughts on “Colorful Quilts-Stealing from the Experts

  1. How interesting. I used to keep clippings from a lot of magazines too. now I’ve got that Pinterest thing going on, I’m going to start a new board just for that. Thanks for sharing your tip.

  2. Great idea! I’m new to quilting but I already find myself looking at color combinations in odd places such as tiles, decorative carpets, paintings, flowers, the towel section at the store, plates, etc. I’m also constantly looking at designs in iron fences, antique carvings, and the like. The fabrics in your stash for this quilt is beautiful. It will make a gorgeous quilt, especially with your excellent quilting. 🙂

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