WIP-Friends of Baltimore

Friends of Baltimore, Hand applique, quiting

I made a wee bit of progress on my Friends of Baltimore quilt this week.  (You can see other blocks here.  The border of this quilt is my current blog banner above.)  These two blocks were completed in 2012.

Friends of Baltimore2004

My goal is to complete four more blocks and a border by the end of 2013-and finish the entire quilt by the end of 2015…I know what you’re thinking…but here’s what I’m thinking:  Slow and steady wins the race!  This type of applique is called Baltimore  Album Applique — and is known for small, overlapping pieces.  I am not very proficient at it, but I love the results, so I am stitching away!

Friends of Baltimore, Hand applique, quiting

This week:  I ironed the fabrics for the Elegant Vase block and I had this transparent overlay made at an office supply store.  This is used as the guide for placing each piece.

Friends of Baltimore, Hand applique, quiting

I cut each applique piece out of freezer paper (it has a sticky side that adheres to fabric when ironed.)

Friends of Baltimore, Hand applique, quiting

Next, I will cut one piece at a time out, use the overlay to determine the placement and applique it in place.

Friends of Baltimore2003

Each block takes at least 40 hours of hand stitching…which I like to do while watching Downton Abbey, Project Runway and Top Chef...

I’d love some suggestions for a few movies-especially comedies—and of course, nothing subtitled!

17 thoughts on “WIP-Friends of Baltimore

  1. Stunning, beautiful, timeless and awe inspiring. I know I will never be able to do what you are doing with your Baltimore quilt, I do not have the patience. The elegant vase block is incredible…

  2. You AMAZE me!!! Which makes you amazing. My total job today was to care for grandson, Hudson. I accomplished almost nothing else but it was so worth it. Love you, Laura.

  3. You made me laugh out loud with that last comment, “no subtitles”! Ha! Thank you for including the pictures of the process. It’s so helpful to those of us who are trying to learn to make applique quilts. The blocks look beautiful!

  4. Wow, I’m always blown away here. I didn’t know that about freezer paper…good to know. I always love Disney movies like Bed Knobs & Broomsticks or Mary Poppin’s or Finding Nemo when it comes to comedy. Plus you’ve probably seen them so many times, you’ll know what’s happening even if you are looking at your project.

  5. Your work is stunning! I could never dream of having the patience for such detail! My latest show to watch while sewing has been Parks and Recreation and my latest movies: Yes Man, Ballet Shoes, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days to name a few.

  6. Thanks for sharing this other side to your beautiful creativity. We all have more than one love when it comes to working with fabrics and fibers. Perseverance is the key and I know you have all that’s required to complete this project. Just beautiful…

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