Are You an Average Dedicated Quilter–Test Yourself Here


Did you know that the quilt industry in the United States exceed $3.6 Billion!!!

That’s a lot of quilting…Who are these quilters?  Here are some interesting facts:

  • 14% of American households are home to one active quilter.
  • 6.2% of those household are home to a Dedicated Quilter (defined as a quilter who spends more than$600 per year on quilting)
  • Dedicated quilters tend to be:  Female,  62 years old,  well-educated (72% attended college),  affluent ($92,000 household income)
  • The average Dedicated Quilter spends $2500/ year on quilting supplies.
  • The average Dedicated Quilter buys nearly 100 yards of fabric/year and spends nearly $150 annually on thread.
  • The  Dedicated Quilter owns 2.7 sewing machines and 25% of  dedicated quilters own four or more sewing machines!
  • vintagethread.web


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Please check out our first giveaway:  Valentine Doodle Quilt.  It’s nearly done and it’s adorable…I’m going to have to make a second one for myself!

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