Work in Progress-Friends of Baltimore Quilt

Friends of Baltimore

One of my major goals for 2013 is to complete four more blocks and one more border of my Friends of Baltimore Quilt.

Friends of Baltimore

I started this quilt more than a year ago and have completed four of the sixteen blocks and one of the four borders.  I estimate that this has taken more than 300 hundred hours of hand stitching so far!

Friends of Baltimore

This quilt was designed by Sue Garman-a quilter extraordinaire!  I have never stitched a Baltimore style applique before, so I purchased the pattern and the fabrics as a kit.  I prefer to design my own quilts, but I really love this quilt just the way Sue designed it.  This is my first attempt at this complex style of applique-known for overlapping pieces and intricate patterns.

Friends of Baltimore003

I love working on this quilt, though I am very slow… This year I am determined to make progress on this quilt.  My long term goal is to complete it by January 2016…

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21 thoughts on “Work in Progress-Friends of Baltimore Quilt

  1. This is incredible. I’m sure you’ll finish it in time. It’s one of those projects that keeps at you but in the end you’ll have this quilt and tons of experience for your next endeavor.

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  4. Beautiful! I’ve just found your blog, and recognize your progress on this magnificent quilt. I’m also working on the same quilt top. To date I have 3 blocks finished, and it’s also my first experience with hand applique and Baltimore album quilts.
    I’m curious as to where you bought your kit. Again, I also prefer to choose my own, but bought this as a BOM quilt kit including fabrics….and I have an entirely different selection of fabrics. If you choose not to reply as to source on this public forum feel free to email me at mlweaving at gmail dot com.

    • The store where I purchased the kit has gone out of business. I read a note from Sue Garmin that she is looking for a new distributor. I would go to her website and contact her directly. She may have it available again. Good luck.

  5. Wow, I had no idea that Quakertown went out of business.
    I got my pattern and kit from Honeybee Fabrics, an online distributor out of Williamsburg. And now it looks as if I waited too long to buy the Ladies of the Sea pattern. Funny how you just always think something will be there. How are you coming on your appliqué?

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