Tutorial Tuesday-Free Motion Quilting “Curls”

Free Motion Quilting, Loops, Tutorial

The “curl”  is really just an abbreviated spiral.   However, The Curl is much easier to sew and has so many variations and uses that everyone should have this pattern in their sewing quiver…

Free Motion Quilting, Loops, Tutorial

To practice the curl…I started with a series of one inch lines…These will be your guidelines or rails...

Free Motion Quilting, Loops, Tutorial

Starting on the left rail line, stitch upward and curl to the right… As you curl, leave a space between your stitching and the right rail This space is needed for the next line of stitching…Stop at the X

Free Motion Quilting, Loops, Tutorial

After stopping at the X, trace to the outside of the curl-this time stitching to the right rail

Free Motion Quilting, Loops, Tutorial

Trace back to the left rail and begin a new curl…

Free Motion Quilting, Loops, Tutorial

The left curl is similar…

Free Motion Quilting, Loops, Tutorial

Practice several rows of right and left curls…creating the Double Curl

Free Motion Quilting, Loops, Tutorial

In the practice pieces below, I left a one inch space between the Double Curls…

Free Motion Quilting, Loops, Tutorial

Coming soon…variations on the curl and projects employing our newest pattern…I can’t wait!!!

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18 thoughts on “Tutorial Tuesday-Free Motion Quilting “Curls”

  1. Love this. Cannot wait unt sat when I can try it. In an earlier message you showed your doodle book. Did you make that? It had lines I have not found in any notebook.

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  6. I am an introvert. I attended a seminar at work in which the speaker discussed introverts and extroverts. She said you can tell if you are an introvert or an extrovert by where you get your energy. If you get your energy by being with other people, you are an extrovert. If you restore your energy by being alone, you are an introvert. She said she and her husband are both introverts. She said one day she and her husband were both at home. He worked in his workshop all day and she worked in her office on the other side of the house. At the end of the day, he told her that it was nice spending the day with her!

    Question: What is that triangular shaped ruler in the picture? It looks like it might be accurate and easy to hold.


  7. Introvert sometimes, extrovert at others….thanks for all the great tutorials. I especially appreciate the pictures of the designs used to fill negative space. I have difficulty imagining designs shown as borders used in a larger space. LOVE your blog!

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