WIP-Free Motion Quilted Tags

Free Motion Quilt Tags

Last week, I saw these  darling printable tags at   :::Rows of Six:::  …and ever since…I have wanted to join in the tag fun.

Free Motion Quilt Tags

I sat down at my sewing machine and started doodling…

Free Motion Quilt Tags

I am not sure if I will cut these out and use them as tags…or keep adding more tags to make a little vase quilt…

Free Motion Quilt Tags

I had a rather dull needle, so I tried a few more ideas on real tags…


It was a bit of a challenge to control these small tags as I stitched…


Free Motion Quilt Tags

Perhaps you’d like to tag-a-long…?!!!

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9 thoughts on “WIP-Free Motion Quilted Tags

  1. Very cool! It would be easier perhaps to work with a sheet of card stock, stitch your tags then cut them out with a rotary cutter (old blade installed) and hole punch them after. Great idea,

    • or perhaps spray-baste the pre-made tags to a fabric scrap to give more control (fabric that would make the back of the tag cute too!)

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