Terracotta Warriors

Terracotta Warriors002

Last week, I went with a friend to see the Terra Cotta Warriors at the Minneapolis Museum of Arts.

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This terra-cotta army of the First Emperor of China (c. 220 BC) is considered one of the most spectacular finds in archaeology.  In 1974, a farmer -seeking to build a new well- discovered a pit filled with  a garrison of buried warriors over 2000 years old!

More than 6000 sculptures were buried near the emperor in order to protect him in the afterlife…

Terracotta Warriors003

Horses, archers, cavalry, infantry…

Terracotta Warriors004

Truly amazing!  Unfortunately, photography of the warriors is not allowed–the above photos are of replicas…

Terracotta Warriors005

So I have included a few photos from the little book I purchased.

Terracotta Warriors006

The detailed faces are fascinating-each sculpture is very unique-with detailed expressions, hairstyles, hands…

Terracotta Warriors008

Photos just don’t do the exhibit justice…If you get a chance to see this exhibit as it goes on tour, jump at the chance–it is amazing!

Terracotta Warriors009

I think I will add seeing the real excavation to my Bucket List…

Oh, and if you do go…watch the movie-(it is free), but unless you are super hard-core – skip the headphone tour–

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  1. We covered this with my son in history last year. Just reading about it and looking t pictures online, you could tell they were stunning. What an amazing opportunity to see them without having to travel so far!

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