Decorating Christmas Trees – With Free Motion Quilting

FMQ Xmas Trees003

I wish I was one of those organized quilters who stitch their Christmas projects in July-but that’s just not me.  My quilting is usually seasonal (see here).  Now that we are decorating the house for Christmas, I’m inspired to stitch a few quilted motifs.  As usual, I start with a few doodles: (You can read more about Doodle Notebooks here)

FMQ Xmas Trees021

FMQ Xmas Trees020

Then I head to my sewing room.  The nice thing about decorating Christmas trees is that the essence is so simple:  a triangle…with a trunk…and maybe a star on top.

FMQ Xmas Trees019

If you start with that shape, it almost doesn’t matter what you stitch…

FMQ Xmas Trees018

It will be recognizable as a Christmas tree…

FMQ Xmas Trees017

FMQ Xmas Trees016

I liked this tree a lot and it was easy, easy to stitch.

FMQ Xmas Trees015

Lightly draw a triangle.  Start stitching in the middle and move up to the pointed top (add the star now if you would like one).  Then stitch down and to the right.

FMQ Xmas Trees013

Then, just sweep left and right to form the bows of the tree-offsetting the upward “swoop”.

FMQ Xmas Trees012

FMQ Xmas Trees011

In less than a minute you will have a gorgeous tree…

FMQ Xmas Trees010

Then just stitch a few more trees with any pattern that comes to mind….

FMQ Xmas Trees009

FMQ Xmas Trees004

I like this fancy tree:

FMQ Xmas Trees008

A bit plain, perhaps…

FMQ Xmas Trees007

I love this decorated tree–wish the tree in our living room was so quickly decorated!

FMQ Xmas Trees006

Now it’s your turn–give it a little glitz!

FMQ Xmas Trees005

Next week–I have an easy project for our quilted forest!

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  3. I love these! So fun and pretty. What great FMQ practice. I’m gaining son in laws and grandchildren and need to redo Christmas Stockings. I will probably use some of these designs on one of them. Thanks for the inspiration.

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