December at Mara Mi

MaraMi Christmas001

When the weather outside is frightful–it’s rainy and overcast–I head over to Mara Mi–my favorite little shop in downtown Stillwater.  As I’ve mentioned before (read about it HERE and HERE)–the sun is always shining in Mara Mi, and they always have something pretty to inspire.  Even the windows are decorated this week:

MaraMi Christmas002

MaraMi Christmas003

I had to take a closer look…

MaraMi Christmas004

And of course, I was not disappointed…

MaraMi Christmas005

Cookies and candies, ribbons and wrappings:

MaraMi Christmas011

MaraMi Christmas008

MaraMi Christmas007

Many of their products are sold at Target and TJMaxx…

MaraMi Christmas006

MaraMi Christmas010

Snowflakes and ornaments, elves and…

MaraMi Christmas013

MaraMi Christmas015

MaraMi Christmas014

CUPCAKES!  of course, they always have the greatest cupcakes…

MaraMi Christmas017

MaraMi Christmas018

MaraMi Christmas019

MaraMi Christmas016

And though it will cost me another 2000 steps today…I chose the gingerbread chocolate cookies…

MaraMi Christmas021

I’m saving it for tonight…after my workout…and when the house is quiet…

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  1. Love the pictures, especially, the one of the elf. Do you think they would share their recipe for the ginger chocolate cookies? Sounds like a great combination.

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