Mirror Images-Spiral Heart Border

After you have the basic spiral down pat…the next skill to learn is the flip spiral.

The flip spiral is the mirror image of the basic spiral. It is like my twin daughters-they are mirror image identical twins-one is right handed, the other left handed.

Aren’t they sweet?

So think of the basic spiral and the flip spiral like your right hand and  your left hand…

Because it is a flipped pattern — it is a separate skill.  The patterning required in your brain  for the flip spiral is different than the basic spiral and must be practiced separately.  My brain has absolutely no problem making spirals bigger, smaller, elongated, squished–but when I ask it to reverse directions and make a flip spiral…I have to think twice and concentrate for awhile.  Most people find one on the spirals feels more natural–just go with it.  The steps are the same:

In order to make the Spiral Heart Border, we just vary things a wee bit…

First, elongate the “tail” of the flip spiral:

Then stack a basic spiral with elongated tail on top of your first row:

Heart Spiral Border

I like this just the way it is, but if you’d like you can then just echo quilt the edges:

Spiral Heart Border with echo quilting on both sides

Gorgeous!  Just a basic spiral stacked with a flip spiral and a little echo quilting…

I think I will go add this to Olivia’s Doodle Quilt

With just these two basic skills, there are many, many lovely patterns…

More coming soon…

Four Easy Steps to Perfectly Quilted Spirals

Spirals are frequently used in free-motion quilting, but they can be deceptively difficult to get right.

Here are four steps to perfect spirals:

  1. Begin with a “Rail”.  This can be a quilted line or a drawn line that will be erased later.
  2. Stitch to the top rail and curve down, but finish the lower part of your spiral above the bottom rail.  This allows space for the “Escape”
  3. Continue to curve inward and stop in the middle (at the X).
  4. Now reverse direction and bisect the lines you have already created.

Curve up to the top rail, but above the bottom rail

Stop in the middle– a little to the right.

Reverse direction and bisect the lines you have already created.

That’s it!  Easy as pie!  (And we all know how easy pies are to make!?)

Over the next several days, I will add many, many motifs that employ spirals….

We’ve only just begun!