Fall Vase Quilt-and a quilt tip…


Whenever I want to try a new technique or have an “orphan” block, I like to make what I call a vase quilt.

Free motion quilted small vase quilt

This pattern is called Dresden Plate by Edyta Sitar.  I liked the fall colors in the block, so I added a few simple borders–an opportunity to practice free motion quilting– and in just a few hours I had a Fall Vase Quilt.

Free motion quilted small vase quilt

I was disappointed that the pattern in the gold fabric, didn’t allow the elaborate acorn and leaf pattern to show through clearly.

A solid fabric is a better choice when sewing complex free motion quilting patterns or when you want your quilting lines to be the star.

Free motion quilted small vase quilt

Free motion quilted small vase quilt

Free motion quilted small vase quilt

It was a fun small study--a quilting etude- (sounds more important that way?!)  and a great way to use a practice block.  I’m sure all of the quilters out there have a few blocks that could become a lovely “vase quilt”!

I’d love to see them….

Franconia Sculpture Park

While my twins were home on their college fall break, we took a jaunt to the Franconia Sculpture Park–15 miles north of Stillwater, Minnesota.

The park hosts a rotating collection of contemporary sculptures…

all set in a rural, prairie park…

The sculpture below reminds of Dorothy’s house from The Wizard of Oz…

It never ceases to amaze me–the interesting things we find…

whenever we set out on one of our “jaunts”!

May you find something interesting as you set out on your Saturday jaunt!