Work In Progress-Christmas Gifts

Christmas Free Motion Quilting

It is time to kick into high gear if I plan to quilt any Christmas gifts this year.  I am playing with this design for a vase quilt for my Mom.  (I don’t think she reads my blog, so I feel safe showing this today.)

Christmas Free Motion Quilting

As with most of my free motion quilting, it started as a doodle (while I was watching Notre Dame beat USC–yeah, Fighting Irish!).  Once I doodled it a few times, I had to get it onto fabric…it’s like when you Have to Have Chocolate…It keeps sloshing around in my brain until I sit down at my sewing machine…

Christmas Free Motion Quilting

Sometimes I ditch the whole idea-once it’s on fabric…Not all my doodles translate well…

Christmas Free Motion Quilting

I definitely think this one is a “keeper”.  I think it will look lovely with a vase of flowers on top, or maybe a few snowmen…

Christmas Free Motion Quilting

Candy canes work….

I have several Christmas motifs just “sloshing” in my brain right now.  I will be sharing them as I get them onto fabric…

Next week I am planning a short tutorial on Christmas tree motifs and I have a quick project that you might like, too!

Stay Tuned…I LOVE Christmas!  and I LOVE wrapping Christmas presents and making bows…more on that, too…

Happy Sloshing!


23 thoughts on “Work In Progress-Christmas Gifts

  1. Very nice Lor, I would not be able to resist dotting the center with white paint, haha, but then I paint, you quilt. Love it.

    • Funny you should mention painting it…I just saw a quilt that was white and white, and then painted -which brought out the quilting more…perhaps we should collaborate?!

  2. Gorgeous Lori! I wish I had your talent! Do you have any ideas for pillows for a king bed with navy and sage colors?

  3. You call them doodles, I call them works of art. My back is poorly at the moment and my brain is stir crazy with no sewing for the last two weeks. Might do some doodling on paper (or will that make me even more mad about not being able to sew at the moment?) 🙂 Always lovely to see your designs 😀 Avis x

    • Avis,
      So sorry your back is troubling you…(I am a physical therapist) so I know what that means for people…This is the perfect time to doodle. Let the sewing go and try something different, easier on your back….think of it as cross-training. It will improve your stitching when you get back to that. Thanks for chiming in…I love to hear from you.

  4. Good morning – just found your blog from Freshly Pieced link ups. Such a fun design that had been swirling around in your head, kind of like sugar plums (with the swirling, that is.) Love your design, and your mom should love it, too!

    • That’s exactly right—poinsettias dancing in my head–sounds so much better than “sloshing”–which sounds like one should be wearing tall boots to wade through! I will be stealing that phrase in future posts…Thanks…Darn it…now I have sugar plums sloshing in my head…demanding to be quilted….I must be MAD!

  5. beautifully rendered flower! it would work as a pillow, too, no? Again, I admire your willingness to have stuff spilled on such nice quilting.

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