Selective Focus-A Photo Tip

On a recent jaunt to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, I snapped this photo of the marble sculpture, Ganymede and the Eagle.  In the above photo, the viewer is drawn into the “story” of the cupbearer and the eagle (Zeus in eagle form).

In the next photo, (taken by happy accident)  the focal point was on the lovely girl in the painting.  

In photography, the viewer’s eye is always drawn first to the area of greatest focus.  Changing the focal point of a photo can dramatically change the “story” of the photo.

The subject and story of the second photo is the girl.  Who is she?  What is she thinking?   She seems to be more interested in Ganymede and the Eagle than in her mandolin.  It is as if the mandolin girl and you (the viewer of the photograph) are sharing a moment-watching the marble action unfold.

Try playing with focal point on your camera–just a click on your camera–and you have a whole new “story” to tell.

I’d love to see what you see…send your photos and I’ll link them here!

(For more simple photo tips read here and here.)

2 thoughts on “Selective Focus-A Photo Tip

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  2. I love your photography. What type of camera do you have? I am thinking of getting a good camera, better than the little pocket point and click that I now have. My son has a Nikon and my son-in-law has a Canon.

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