Work in Progress Wed–Olivia’s Doodle Quilt

The weather has taken a turn here in Minnesota.  It is rainy and cold as I write this.  I’m not complaining–I have seen the destruction that Sandy left in her wake.  I’m just noting that sewing is seasonal for me.  On a cold fall or winter afternoon, there is no place I’d rather be than in my sewing room.  However, when the weather’s nice, you are more likely find me in the garden or off on some kind of jaunt.

So now is the time to finish a few quilting projects.  My main priority is Olivia’s Doodle Quilt-and I made a lot of headway this week.

My favorite part of quilting is the quilting--the free motion, let your mind wander, quilting

If you look closely, you will see that some times there is a little too much of the mind-wandering…

But I like to think of that as character…

18 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wed–Olivia’s Doodle Quilt

  1. Beautiful quilting! If the mind wanders…call it Zentangle Quilting and say you’re working toward enlightenment and greater stress relief.

    What’s really kind of funny, though? The box you’re holding thread in up at the top? I have one eerily similar to it holding sewing notions (and fat quarters when I have them) in my sewing room. The writing on mine is for “Mello Creme” in Plymouth, WI. I also have a wooden recipe box I got from my mom that holds my scissors, rotary cutter, and other tools. It’s about the same size which in my mind was just right. I think it’s cool I wasn’t the only one.

    • I found the box in an antique store and I, too loved the size–mostly, I love the Minnesota reference to Land of Lakes.

      I love your “enlightenment” description of quilt-meditation…

  2. Ok… did you get so good at FMQ???? lol. Seriously; it is stunning. And you seem relaxed with it too…..I am a hand quilter trying to learn this. I am always tense; better than I was; but still tense. and you can certainly tell. I never know if the poor stitching on the back is me pulling or the thread tension….lol. Wonderful job!!!!

    • Thank you, Marjorie for your kind words…
      Learning FMQ just takes time and practice, but I think it is very important not to practice too long—just jump in and do a quilt. I have even purchased inexpensive quilt tops on ebay to use as practice pieces. I would seriously like to help you get comfortable with FMQ. Tell me what you need…what are you doing now? What exactly do you find difficult…send photos…

  3. Hmmm I think the comment I was leaving did something weird. I was saying how much I love your flowers with the leaves filling out the “box”, and the way you’re quilting in stripes across the fabric stripes instead of with them. Very cool effect. 🙂

    • Thanks, Lynette. I didn’t see anything weird on this end…but sometimes computers are more temperamental than sewing machines!
      When I do these doodle quilts, I usually don’t let the stripes dictate the pattern–it gives the quilt an unexpected look.

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    • We all started somewhere…frankly, I almost never stipple as I think it is a very hard pattern to is very unnatural for me–my brain does not like stippling…I bet you’d find “The Easiest Flower Ever” easier than stippling…Let me know.

  6. I’m loving what you’re doing with this quilt. Love the O and V border you have going on and the border on the bottom reminds me of a wholecloth border. (I’m into border designs right now …probably because they’re the worst for me and I need the practice and inspiration!).

    By the way…I LOVE the thread box!

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