Witch Quilt

More than a year ago, I made this quilt from the Buggy Barn pattern company.  The technique for making this quilt is unlike any other quilt pattern I have ever made.  While sewing, you can not see how the witch is going to be formed.  It requires a leap of faith (and careful adherence to the instructions).  After several hours of doubting the entire process…out flew this whimsical witch

It wasn’t a huge time commitment and I rather enjoyed the puzzle-like technique that Buggy Barn patterns often employ.

Buggy Barn Witch Quilt

This year, I pulled out the book again…the jack-o-lantern quilt has an interesting candy corn border around it…

And if you like cats,  there is a great quilt for you to consider…

Buggy Barn

Hmm…is it worth adding another “Work in Progress” to my already considerable list???


22 thoughts on “Witch Quilt

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  3. Lori, I’m working on the ‘If the Hat Fits’ quilt now! Your quilting has inspired me in so many ways. I can’t wait to get to that point! Thanks for sharing your photos of this quilt. (It was a leap of faith patching that together. Phew!) What did you do with the leftover block? I’m trying a different layout, and trying to use it in the quilt.

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