Pumpkins with Personality

I’ve met a few characters in my day, but none quite like this guy….He does look familiar doesn’t he?

Most of my carved pumpkins look more like this:

Though in my head, they begin like this:

Carved gourd

My knife skills aren’t all that good-perhaps I should stick to gourds that already seem to have a personality like this one:

Halloween gourd

I do love all the possibilities that these gourds inspire:

But, I really am a traditionalist, and I like the plain jack-o-lantern variety pumpkin…

This will do nicely:

Halloween Pumpkin

Can’t wait…just two more nights until Halloween (57 until Christmas…..)

2 thoughts on “Pumpkins with Personality

    • Mine did too. And what is worse…I waited a few days before I photographed them–and they were filled with the nastiest hairy mold I’d ever seen. They are already in the trash!

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