A Witch’s House–Near Milwaukee

There’s a witch’s house on Beach Drive- in a suburb of Milwaukee.  We have friends…who know someone… whose cousin… saw her…

Well, I never saw The Witch, but when my kids were young,  one of their favorite things to do was to take a drive to see her house!

Once in a while, on a hot summer evening, we’d tell the kids to put their pajamas on and hop in the car.  We’d stop at McDonald’s for a milkshake and drive to the Witch’s House.

This unusual property is located on a gorgeous beach on the shores Lake Michigan in a very lovely neighborhood.   (Not a place where you’d expect to find a haunted house.)     A high fence and barbed wire surround the house.

It is protected by some really scary figures…

They say the Witch killed her husband and her children and buried them underneath the stone sculptures…

The truth of Mary Nohl’s life is unusual, but after she died, she did a very good deed for the people of Milwaukee…

To be continued….

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