The Ten Spookiest Halloween Movies

Terrorizing ourselves with movies is one of my family’s favorite ways to set the mood for Halloween.   While I love Halloween, I really don’t like to be scared…. I have to be dragged kicking and screaming to scary movies…I usually cope by keeping my mind on the popcorn…. I draw the line at Paranormal Activity sequels…I saw the first movie, but refuse to go to the remaining three movies—too creepy for me!

After a little informal polling, here are our top ten movie choices for Halloween:

1.  The Blair Witch Project

2.  The Sixth Sense

3.  The Others

4.  Paranormal Activity (and sequels)

5.  Dawn of the Dead

6.  Halloween

7.  Casper

8.  The Wizard of Oz

9.  Dracula

10. Frankenstein

Casper is for the lightweights in the family, while the Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity have high creepiness factors.  The Wizard of Oz is my personal favorite, and I’m surprised by the number of kids who haven’t seen it.  Dracula and Frankenstein are classic must-sees and if you like the new Walking Dead TV show, then you must watch Dawn of the Dead–where the whole genre began.  The Others and The Sixth Sense are very suspenseful movies and are good on any dreary night….  I have nothing good to say about Halloween–very, very, scary—pop lots of popcorn for that one!

If you start watching tonight you’ll have just enough time to watch Halloween on Halloween.


5 thoughts on “The Ten Spookiest Halloween Movies

  1. Love your photos and comments Lori! I personally like the 6th sense. I like the movie Signs too. I am pretty much a wimp for scary movies. My mother in law always liked movies with happy endings, I think I am starting to agree.

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