Construction Santa–Photo Tip

We often hear that we should learn from our mistakes…

Last week, I had the digital opportunity to hammer home the importance of properly  positioning a subject to get the best portrait photo.  (All photos are SOOC-straight out of camera)

The setting:  Early morning, construction site: St. Croix Bridge in Stillwater, MN….

The subject:  This friendly man with a twinkle in his eye (pretending to be a construction worker–while really making notes to his list of naughty and nice…)

The first mistake:  positioning Kris with his back to the strong sunlight-and not metering properly….

The second mistake….placing Mr. Kringle with the sun in his eyes causing him to squint…

Finally, by photographing Mr. Claus with his side to the light, I was able to get a clear picture of who this man really is….

I hope this flattering photo will place me on the “Good List”….

….perhaps a new 70-200 lens?…

11 thoughts on “Construction Santa–Photo Tip

  1. Once again, you prove what a clever girl you are – that you saw St. Nick where the rest of us would have just seen another construction worker…in addition to all the fine points of taking a good picture. Great eye!

    • I didn’t think of fill flash…I will next time…Thanks for the idea.
      Thanks for looking out for a caboose for me…

      • We’ll go caboose hunting probably tomorrow (or Saturday). :0)

        Sometimes I’ve found that stepping down the flash a bit helps. The other thing that I always forget to use is exposure compensation. I shouldn’t, though, they’re located in the same display area on my Canon.

  2. Good Lord. I’ve been trying to get a photo of some pants I’ve made and I’ve given up for now. Good pictures look so easy! I like the last one, you can see the shadows a bit, the light is just right and he looks very patient as well.

    • It wasn’t perfect, but the last one is my favorite as well…he was a very jolly and patient man! Good luck on your pants photos–perhaps different light –early morning or a different room will help…

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  4. Just catching up on some earlier messages. Santa looked like he was posing for you so I assume you him. Does he often get told he looks like Santa? I agree with ur other reader..u see Santa where we would see a construction worker. A true believer!

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