The Glorious Color of Trees (And a Photo Tip)

Over the last several days, I have felt a certain urgency to be outside, capturing photos.  The weather has been in the 70’s here in Minnesota, and there have been dire predictions of an advancing cold weather front (even snow) by the end of the week.  If and when that happens, most of the glorious fall foliage will be gone.  I don’t use the word glorious often, but I’m sure most of my fellow Minnesotans will agree–this has been a glorious autumn showing of color!

All of the photos (except the last one) were taken using a wide-angle lens held at the trunk of the tree.  I love how this angle gives the sense of the majesty of the tree, and shows off the color against the sky.  The last image is of a pretty tree, but it looks rather boring.  I’m hoping someone can give me advice on how to make this a more interesting image…or other ideas on photographing trees…Perhaps we could do a tree photo link up…?  Any takers?  If so…I would be happy to host…

10 thoughts on “The Glorious Color of Trees (And a Photo Tip)

  1. Shhhh…we shall not speak the “s” word until at least November.

    On the last picture…maybe if you changed the angle from which you take the picture? I think the sunlight coming more from behind it is washing out the color a bit. It seems a bit bottom heavy – my eye is drawn more to the bottom right corner than the orange leaves.

    I think a tree picture link-up sounds like a wonderful idea!

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