What do Our Shoes Say to the World?

I know we can’t judge a book by its cover, but can we judge a person by his shoes?  Judge is a strong word, but what do our shoes say to the world?

Lately, my shoes should tell the world that my feet hurt–I’m recovering from a nasty bout of plantar fasciitis and can mostly be seen wearing gym shoes.  I hope no one judges me for wearing gym shoes with skirts, but I’m afraid they do…

So… with which of these people do you most identify?  What do their shoes say about them?  What do your shoes say???

So, the next time you don your shoes, ask yourself…do these shoes say what I want them to say?

5 thoughts on “What do Our Shoes Say to the World?

  1. I’d love to say my life is full of reasons/activities to wear the first shot of sexy shoes…oh memories. 🙂 My tennis/walking shoes look too new…not because they are, but because I don’t USE them enough. Good or bad, I’m currently the flip flop gal. 🙂

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