Beets-At the Farmers’ market this week

I have had a taste for beets ever since I read here that the Hooley family was making pickled beets.  I had my first beet five years ago in a restaurant salad and ever since…I’ve been hooked!  I crave beets sometimes…I don’t know why…they must have something in them that my body needs?

The beet is a lowly root vegetable, but even the ancient Romans recognized them as a health food.  Beets can be pickled, served in a salad, steamed and served with butter.  In Eastern Europe, beets are made into borscht, a cold soup.  Beets are commercially important because of their high sugar content (oh, now I get it–my body needs sugar!?)  They are also known antioxidants and help to lower cholesterol.   With all of that going for them….have you had your beets today?

10 thoughts on “Beets-At the Farmers’ market this week

  1. Beautiful beet photos!!! I love pickled beets! I was able to can a few of my beets this summer. With our terribly hot and dry summer they didn’t get very big. I’m savoring each jar! 🙂

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