Introducing….Footwear Friday!

I love shoes!   I always have.   As I mentioned in a previous post, early in my girlhood, my father dubbed me Imelda Marcos (of shoe-hoarding fame) –and I own it!

Of late, however,  I find I can get a vicarious thrill from photographing shoes…This saves a lot of room in my closet, a lot of room in my budget and I can indulge in shoes I would never have actually purchased….

Please note:  none of the ankles or shoes pictured here belong to me…

2 thoughts on “Introducing….Footwear Friday!

  1. My favorite shoes must be 1) comfortable – At my age I think I’ve finally learned how important comfy is, and 2) they must be some shade of yellow – in a crowded room hubby only needs to look down to find me.

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