Doodle Quilt-Work in Progress Wednesday

My daughters leave for school this week and decided that they each wanted one of my “Doodle Quilts” to add color to their dorm room. (They are twins and share a room.)  We quickly chose a color scheme and off I went to my sewing room to do that which I enjoy most:  doodling on fabric.  One quilt is nearly finished, but the other will need to be shipped after school has started.  Fortunately, college students LOVE mail–especially packages.  I guess this means that I have another project next Wednesday’s Work in Progress post–stay tuned…

Blanket flower-In the Garden this week

In addition to quite a number of pesky weeds that I am unwilling to do business with this week, there is a lovely stand of Blanket flower.  They provide quite a flourish of flowers in a small space and make great cutting flowers for a small vase…more on that soon.  Enjoy the oranges and reds of this flower under the blue skies of waning summer.

Mara Mi

Mara Mi is one of my favorite places to while away time.
Located in the heart of downtown Stillwater, Minnesota-where the skies can often be ominous, this little stationery shop is always bright and cheery.  It sells stationery, journals, trinkets, pens, etc  –  of course I don’t NEED any of these things, but I go in for a cup of coffee and occasionally a cupcake and just take in the latest trends and the bright lights. I love their chalkboard and they seem to change their displays very frequently – so it’s always a visual treat.