Work in Progress Wednesday-Mini Doodle

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that all of my doodles were converging on a flower that resembled a lollipop.  Finally, I had to get it off my brain and onto fabric…I quickly sandwiched some fabric together, used my large 15 inch square ruler to draw a boundary and I came up with this little piece.  It took a little over an hour -as I was not very careful and because the pattern was so ingrained in my head.  I didn’t have any plans for this doodle diversion, otherwise I would have left a little space for a proper border.  As it is, I have to lop off some of the corner border in order to sew on the binding…Another lesson learned…

My daughter saw the little doodle on my sewing table and instantly proclaimed that she wanted that motif on a quilt for college. (See more here)  Now that my twins have left for college, (one with a quilt and the other with a promise for a quilt), I’ve decided to bind this off and use it under a vase of flowers.  So I’m off to my garden, where I will look for something red or yellow in the garden to decorate my doodle….

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  4. Just found your blog, today, through the Aurifil page on Facebook. What great turorials! Thanks. I will definitely be back.

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