Doodlers are Smarter! Assignment 2

Would you believe that doodlers are smarter?–Okay, well, that may be a stretch, but there is evidence that people who doodle remember more than people who do not.    In one study, (you can read about it here) doodlers  remembered nearly 30% more facts than non-doodlers.  The study’s author suggests that doodling expends just enough energy to keep one’s mind from daydreaming.  Unfocused drawing helps you  focus!  Imagine that!

Need I say more?  Keep doodling!  

Assignment #2

With that in mind, did you collect all of your doodles?  Where were they?  On your calendar? In your meeting notes?  On the pad, by the phone?  I’d love to hear where you doodle…    I found doodles everywhere!  (you’d think my memory would be better…hmm…)

Now that you’ve collected all of those margin drawings, let’s get them together in a usable form.  I like to cut out the best parts and glue them into a notebook.  A spiral notebook works especially well because it will lay flat by your sewing machine.  This is a good project for an evening when you’re too tired to concentrate on anything else…. Not everything is worth saving, so cut away.  While you’re at it-look for themes.  What do you doodle the most?

Before next time:  Begin glueing your doodles into a notebook.   Look for themes.  (oh, and oil and clean your sewing machine-it’s gonna need it!)

14 thoughts on “Doodlers are Smarter! Assignment 2

  1. Love this post and the photos! PS. I will show you how to make a nice, clean hyperlink next week! No need for messy URLs. Your assignment: doodle some doodles that can be doodled on a quilt that can keep me warm while I am sitting on the couch doodling.

  2. I wish my boss could understand this. I perfected some of my quilting designs while in l….ong meetings. I do stay focused on what’s being said when I doodle. Otherwise I do tend to think of many other more pleasant things.

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  12. Another great post. I too agree that doodling help one stay focused. As for where my doodles are….em…well…except for the ones I starting after your Craftsy Classes and reading your blog, all my doodles are in the bin….don’t say it, I know, but at the time, they were just doodles, not future quilting designs. I didn’t think like that before. But you have opened my eyes and I shan’t throw my doodles away every again! ????

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