Doodle Quilt-Work in Progress Wednesday

My daughters leave for school this week and decided that they each wanted one of my “Doodle Quilts” to add color to their dorm room. (They are twins and share a room.)  We quickly chose a color scheme and off I went to my sewing room to do that which I enjoy most:  doodling on fabric.  One quilt is nearly finished, but the other will need to be shipped after school has started.  Fortunately, college students LOVE mail–especially packages.  I guess this means that I have another project next Wednesday’s Work in Progress post–stay tuned…

32 thoughts on “Doodle Quilt-Work in Progress Wednesday

  1. Those are amazing! How much thread do you plan on for a top like that? Any pre-planning or do you just sort of stick to the rows and quilt whatever comes to mind? Have fun with the second one.

    • Thank you! I used one full spool of Aurifil thread. I do minimum pre-planning–I like to jump right in. The one thing I do is draw a central square and a few other lines to divide up the spaces. I will be featuring more doodle quilts and tutorials in the future so check back soon!

    • LOL-I had to look up what FMQ meant! I also-FMQ’d several notes to them within the quilting: like “study hard” and “call home”. I’m sure they’ll see them over time!

  2. You have more readers/comments than I have ever received!
    I am both thrilled and envious.
    Most run- talk about an inbox jaunt!
    -a faithful reader

  3. I love this modern take on Amish Bar quilts. Love the colors. Love the quilting. (Of course I love the quilting; it’s always my favorite part!) Eager to see the other one too!

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