Five Fact Friday–Quilter’s Edition

1. I doodle on fabric.

2. I took up quilting while on bedrest when I was expecting twins.

3. My mother and two of my sisters are also enthusiastic quilters.

4. I have three Bernina sewing machines.

5. I have more than 20 works in progress…

25 thoughts on “Five Fact Friday–Quilter’s Edition

  1. oh my… the photos… and how i envy you…. always wished I could sew… even bought a ‘good’ machine thinking that would help… the most of done is fun stitches on paper, that I turned into photoshop brushes. 🙂 lol

    lovely… thanks for joining 5 facts…. xo

  2. I love your header … so colourful!! What a beautiful 5 facts … stunning work, nicely done! Thanks for sharing. I love quilting too … but photography takes up my creative bursts and my fabric cupboard sits waiting to … hmm, be photographed!!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Ambitious! Like nancyjean, I love the pincushion photo! I started sewing when I was pregnant when the fit in the shoulders was the main focus…then it just grew from there…and so did the fabric stash!

    Denise in Akron, Ohio from BTS and BL

  4. Lori I quit making clothes when I started quilting. and my wardrobe suffered. All money spent on fabric. I wish I had kept my first 830 Bernina, but sold it and got a 1230. Actually had one on loan from Bernina too because I had written a book and traveled and taught (back in the early 90’s. When I started Photoshoping quilting took a back seat. Nearly moved the machine to the basement. (OMG, how dare I?)

    • Sounds like heresy to me–the Bernina downgraded to the basement. I do agree, however-both quilting and photoshop are jealous mistresses-demanding a great deal of time and attention!

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